Crystal Potters

Loose estimates put the number of crystal potters in the world as less than 100. Roughly 40 of these might be considered the most experimental and most active, creating what arguably would be the bleeding edge of quality and design in this obscure ceramic field. You can read about some of these envelope pushers; their work sets the bar for the best available on the planet.

Although the work of the Hot Ice Studio is considered worthy of being included in this group, we make no claims for artistic exclusivity. Each artist has a tone, a vision, an experimental passion. Indeed, you will likely find much more unique, precise, precious pots made by many of these other artists. Our current intention is to create pots that are less likely to be collected and more likely to be used daily. Our pots are less delicate, larger, and generally more likely to  /suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune/ (from Hamlet's soliloquy) with some grace and durability.

In addition, our work explores the boundary between the material and non-material world via a central focus on intention. We are therefore not pushing the crystals-as-beauty envelope as much as we might be said to be pushing the crystals-as-transformational-catalysts envelope. Naturally, this idea is pretty loose, and might well not pass the scientific (as generally accepted today) giggle test, except, perhaps, in the most advanced quantum physics research labs, where it most likely would fit right in.