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Hot Ice Studio
Crystal Glazes on Porcelain




The Hot Ice Studio, on Orcas Island, invites you to celebrate an irrepressible attraction to the elegance of dancing light. Crystals grown on the surface of porcelain clay transform and replay the radiant delight of the sun. These crystals simultaneously evoke a desire to deepen a heart-fueled connection with one’s true self.


There are almost no crystal potters in the world. The process of coaxing crystals to grow exceeds the exasperation level of even the dedicated (that's why you may have never seen these before.)

The crystals in the glazes are not hand painted on porcelain. Rather, they emerge during a several hour firing in the kiln at temperatures around 2000°. The process is as similar, delicate and unpredictable as making snowflakes or the frost on your winter window. Just as water vapor, under exactly the right conditions, becomes a snow flake (a crystal form of water), so the glaze on these pots, when fired precisely, grows crystals. Like snowflakes, photographs of these porcelain crystals capture only a fraction of their beauty.

Just as no two snowflakes or humans are alike, so no two crystal pots are alike. Each is its own expression of beauty. Snowflakes and humans move on into other forms; by contrast, these pots retain their radiance forever.

All our work is for sale. We sell directly from the studio. We ship anywhere. Call or write with your requests: we have unique colors not shown here. Prices range from about $80 to about $400 (not including shipping); prices are based on size and beauty. You can contact us where you choose the color, size and price range: we'll select the piece based on what we have in stock when you call. Each item generated in our studio is unique; we don't--we can't--create products.

Please note that the pieces shown on this web site are examples and most likely not available; they are shown to give you a sample of the shapes, colors and sizes that we produce.

Orcas Island resides off the northwest coast of Washington State, about 3 hours by car and ferry from Seattle. Whether you can visit in person or just ask us to send you a piece of beauty, welcome!