We are exploring a direction in crystal work that reaches beyond technical mastery over the production of crystals. Extending the work of Masura Emoto, the Japanese researcher who has demonstrated the power of intention in water crystals, Hot Ice includes in the kiln an ancient awakening mantra. The mantra requests the ascending fire within the kiln to join with the divine fire in human consciousness to burn away impurities and to thereby lift the pottery, and by extension our lives, higher towards Divine Mind. The pots, fired with this spirit, are offered not just as beauty, but beauty with heart. Like the water/ice crystals in Emoto's experiments, the crystals produced by Hot Ice grow to absorb, reflect, and express the intention of purification and awakening. Unlike the Emoto's experiments, in which the ice melts, the crystals in Hot Ice pottery will never melt, and thus can never lose the intention within which they were nourished as they grew.

To further personalize a pot, we will custom fire a pot with a specific intention (wish, mantra, aspiration) based on a discussion with you.

Our goal, in creating pottery with intention, is to give opportunity and encouragement to the process of self-discovery, self-actualization, self-realization. The depth to which customers immediately, spontaneously and intuitively connect with this work challenges a "merely beautiful" explanation, to suggest that there are deeper, archetypal or spiritual forces at "play"; indeed, delight (play) is the key expression of this connection. Joseph Campbell speaks of following your bliss. The pottery will definitely lead you to the road.